Monday, March 10, 2014

Workplace Miracle

Equipment failure - call the expert!

My friend is in charge of keeping all the machinery running at his manufacturing site. The 'expert' arrived, hooked up the malfunctioning machine to his computer to run diagnostics. The conclusion - it was either the motor or the hydraulic pump. The motor checked out okay which left only the hydraulic pump. Despite ribbing from his coworkers, my friend sat silently next to the machine, head bowed, praying.

He recently read about 'cloaking' in 7 Secrets to Power Praying. Cloaking occurs when the enemy fouls up equipment and makes it look like an actual mechanical failure.

My friend had the last laugh. The real Expert showed up and within minutes the hydraulic pump started functioning again without any repairs!  Back in business! My friend's prayers saved the company money and the employees time, and brought glory to God. That's the beauty of learning how to pray with power!

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