Thursday, October 23, 2014


The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA)
just announced the winners of their annual TOP SHELF BOOK COVER AWARDS. Seven Secrets of Power Praying  made the winners list!

Congratulations go to Darren Welch, designer.

Here's the background (God) story on that cover....
When Chosen Books sent me a choice of two covers, differing only by their color, I was immediately drawn to the one done in mauve (one of my favorite colors). BUT, I decided to pray about which one God would think is best. Immediately in my mind's eye I saw the cover in orange (the other choice). The problem was, I did not like orange at the time. I really, really did not like orange. So I struggled over God's choice. I prayed again for confirmation and saw multiple copies of my book all in orange. Reluctantly I informed the publisher of my (His) choice. God assured me that it would stand out better on a bookstore shelf.

The ECPA award confirms that God makes the best decisions for us, when we pray, listen and obey!

P.S. Now I really, really like orange!

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