Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wilderness Words

What's your wilderness right now? Is it a medical diagnosis that took you by surprise? What do I do now? Or could it be a job loss or unexpected expenses? How are we going to pay the bills? Perhaps you lost a dear friend and you feel all alone. Who can I turn to? Everything seems out of control. You wonder:

Where is God in all this!?

Look closely.There is something hidden in your wilderness.

For weeks the Lord keeps sending me to verses in the Bible about John the Baptist in the wilderness (see Luke 3). Our family has been going through a wilderness time waiting for a job after a year of unemployment. What did God want me to see in these Bible verses? I have literally read that chapter forwards and backwards, out loud and silently, looking for clues--searching, searching, searching for nuggets of wisdom.

Luke 3:2 says that the word of God came to John in the wilderness. In that verse 'word' in the original Greek is rhema--a message, a spoken word from God. Put another way, John heard God speak to him in the wilderness. 

Our initial reaction to these difficult times is often fear and worry. But if we remind ourselves that what has happened is no surprise to God, our focus will shift to Him and off of our situation. Instead of looking at our problem we begin to pay attention to the One who can solve the problem and bring comfort in the midst of our trying circumstances.

We can start to ask pertinent questions like:
  • Lord, what are You wanting to teach me in this season?
  • What is on Your heart?
  • What do You want me to do next?  
When the initial shock has worn off we can spend time quietly listening for Him to speak to us. Sometimes I will sit and meditate on how powerful, loving, merciful and kind the Lord is. When I concentrate on the awesomeness of God my problem shrinks. As my soul (mind, will and emotions) becomes quiet I ask God to show me a verse or a story in the Bible that pertains to my situation. Or I ask a very simple question: God, what is Your truth about this matter?

During this recent wilderness I would routinely inquire of God. His response to my questions was always, "Trust Me. Don't despair." No specifics on how long this desert time would last, just "Trust Me". I found great comfort in those words. They reassured me that God never forgets us or our needs. He is well aware of our struggles.

I have learned not to ask, "Why is this happening?" That line of questioning just fuels the fires of my upset emotions. God always, always has a plan even if He doesn't let me in on it until the answer actually manifests. 

Our job is to seek hard after Him--because He wants to speak to us in our wilderness times.   

Our part is to sit and listen. You may not hear or sense anything today or tomorrow, but continue to give him top priority each day. Eventually, like John the Baptist, you will hear Him in your wilderness.

"You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13) 



  1. Thanks for the post..i have been waiting for your post long I got the answer what I'm looking for..JESUS you are amazing in all the time .

  2. So pleased that the Lord spoke to you through the blog. Blessings..Jane

    1. Hey Jane. I saw your interview with Sith rod and would love to connect with you directly How can I do that?

    2. If you have any questions on prayer please feel free to email me at Blessings...Jane

  3. Thank you for your post. As someone who has been waiting for the next step on an assignment God gave me 5 years ago this helps. The pressure continues to mount but God has also produced some miracles. But I am so done waiting and sit here every morning waiting to hear what to do next.
    So tell us, are you now out of your wilderness situation? You sort of implied you had a breakthrough

    1. Thank you for inquiring. A job came through about 2 weeks after that post. Still waiting on other prayers. Trusting that God is always true to His Word and His promises.

  4. I am searching for God and constantly praying and seeking an intimate relationship with him,God directed me to your YouTube video because am sure it was no accident and I have been blessed .